Ubiquitous Media Technology Lab


Welcome to the Ubiquitous Media Technology Lab (UMTL) at Saarland University. Prof. Dr. Antonio Kr├╝ger is leading the UMTL.

UMTL coordinates the Mediainformatics major (Bachelor and Master). Please visit our Teaching section for informations on Mediainformatics, lectures and courses, Bachelor and Master thesis topics etc.

At UMTL we investigate HCI mainly in the fields of Intelligent User Interfaces and Ubiquitous Computing (e.g. media facades, mobile projection, 3D touch, mobile AR, and mobile app usage). Current work e.g. looks into new approaches and concepts for media facades, mobile projection, 3D touch, mobile augmented reality, and mobile app usage. We apply and evaluate our research in our Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL).


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